Expert Witness
Opinion evidence to assist in the resolution of a dispute.

Snagyourhome® quality inspection of your new home or recently completed building project for more information visit

Building Condition Surveys
If you are involved in the purchase of a new or existing property we can provide a building condition survey.

CDM advisors
We can advise Clients, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors on how to comply with their duties under CDM Regulations.

Health and safety advice
Health and safety advice for ‘Principal Designers, Principal Contractors and Clients of construction projects.

Management of services connections and statutory adoptions
We can make, manage and track your applications to utility providers to completion/installation and/or adoption.

Clerk of Works and Construction inspection services
We can manage standards and workmanship on your build and offer inspections from foundation to completion or anywhere in between – and that all important snagging list is part of the package.

General construction advice
Whether you’re thinking about a construction project or you’re already on site and need help, get in touch.


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